A downloadable game for Windows

Bust'a Worm is a blast to the past like old arcade style games. Take on different enemies as you jump, move, attack, and try to get the high score. Explore the different stages and types of enemies throughout the game.

Play with your voice! Use voice commands to enhance the virtual experience. Feel the power when activating elemental weapons and navigating the game.

Voice Commands:

Start the game - "Start"

End the game - "End Game"

Fire Ball - "Fire" || "Flame on"

Ice Ball - "Ice" || "Chill" || "Freeze" || "Frost"

Spike Ball - "Spike" || "Prick" || "Needle"

Normal Ball - "Normal" || "Basic"

Show High Score - "High Score"

Show Player Score - "Player Score" || "My Score"


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I was wondering what engine did you use to make this game Unity, Unreal or other?

Built using Unity


This was fun, the voice controls worked suprisingly well